Visual & Hearing

Integrated Immersion Type Helmet

Staying At Home, Viewing Of The World

Total Immersion 120° Large Visual

Using the imported PMMA materials from Japan, 35mm focal distance, 120° large visual,
which is more near to human's visual angle,ensure more reality.

Smartphone also can easily
operate the sound effect

It is hard for smartphones to operate against some headphones, the sound will be in low quality.
VOX+ BE designs its headphone with PET materials in Sheet Molding Technology.
Low resistance in 32 ohm, high quality of sound effect.

  • High guarantee of
    HiFi sound

  • 360° surrounded
    stereo sound

  • High sound volume

  • Low undertone

  • 3.5mm mobile
    phone interface

Using PET materials in Sheet Molding Technology
Simulating a much more real scene

Diaphragm is the core of earphone, being essential to the sound quality. For better effects, phonics engineers are always hunting for diaphragm with lighter, tougher, better transferring factors. Making diaphragm with 40mm, and applying with PET materials in Sheet Molding Technology can assure the mediant effects. Excellent diaphragm materials and structure, larger size, make it better and explosive in simulating a true scene.

Visual auditory integration

Penetrating the sound, like a scene

Without immersive sound effect, the realization is not complete. Although you can travel to the other world once you wear it, the fantasy won't be long without 3D sound effect.
VOX+ BE makes good use of integral patented designation in advance. , assisting with sound-proof earphone with heavy bass, which will have you immersed in the new world once you have it.

Humanlized Instant Adjustment

Higher Precision, Firmer Button

The focal length and object distance
can be adjusted freely

To meet the needs of more users

PD(Fringe, Blackout Adjustment)

Instant wheel adjustment, synchro move of the glasses. Newbie can also adjust the graphics easily. Never appears fringes and lower possibilities of blackout.

Diopter Adjustment
(Clearance Degree)

Cater for the needs of 0°- 800° myopia and 0°- 400°hyperopia; No need to wear glasses. Adjust the focal distance after wearing the BE.

PD Adjustment Nerver Fringe
Diopter Adjustment

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