Vox+ Z3

Virtual Reality Glasses

Go real. Catch excitement. Get Vox+ VR.

Z3 is virtual reality like you’ve never experienced. Step into your favorite game, live an intense, adventurous VR movie, jump to a destination on the other side of the world, or spend time with friends in VR. You will feel like you are actually there.

VIP Personal Cinema

Yours to Enjoy

Full immersion, 96° Large Viewing Angle

0 to 600 Degree Myopia, One Button Adjust

Higher regulation precision, more comfortable and stable adjusting button.

Adopt high quality ABS and 42 mm spherical resin lens materials, non-stimulating plastic materials, environmental friendly, high quality, larger image. Also lower down anamorphose when offering a wider view. Because of the resin lens, you won’t feel tired or dizzy even after using for a long time.

Z3 Pupil distance adjustment

Eyes are symmetrical. When adjusting pupil distance, we use opponent technology, left and right lens cone move synchronously to avoid double image.

We’re all about comfort with the adjustable T-type headband of Z3. It helps relieve pressure around your eyes, offering the best in comfort when watching movies or playing games.

Incredible Material Choice

Vox+ uses the ultimate in lightweight and compact materials for the best stability and wear, with piano lacquer technology for sleekness and style.

Imported Lens Technology

The Z3 lenses are top notch. Laser-cut and super-polished – every lens is tested and assembled with thefinest detail to quality. Each lens is crystal clear, with reduced distortion and lens flare.

Lens & Optical Design

Optical lens are made from Japan. Lens are more pure, with military rank aspheric optical lens design. Images have no abnormalities, are suitable for different people’s pupil distance.

Diameter 42mm

Len diameter is 42mm, viewing images are more comfortable. Compared to 35mm diameter lens, viewing effect has no constriction, not easily to feel fatigue.

High-end Leather Interior

Soft and comfortable leather cradles your face, with excellent breathability to give perfect comfort, even after long-time wearing of the device.

Compatible with Several Mobile Phone Sizes

Fits smart phone with screen height of 3 ½” to 6”, with width less than 3.3”, and thickness of less than 1/3 of an inch. In millimeters, that would be 88.9 mm long, 84 mm wide, and less than 10 mm thick.

VOX PLUS Z3 old version is same as the new version in product structure, function and parameters, only except the logo.

  • The Old Version
  • The New Version


What smartphone screen is suitable?

VOX Z3 is compatible with the smartphone screen of 4.0 to 6.0 inches.

Is it possible to connect to VOX Z3 VR via Bluetooth?

VOX Z3 is not support Bluetooth device. If you want to connect the VR with Bluetooth, a remote control is needed. You can use the remote control to connect with the smartphone.

Is the remote control included?

No. The remote control is not included. Combine the lens with smartphone screen, VOX Z3 can bring you excellent 3D effect. As for the VR itself, remote control is not quite necessary. But customers can buy a remote control additionally to connect to the smartphone if needed.

Can the focal distance be adjusted? Is it fixed?

VOX Z3 is equipped with 2 buttons on both sides for adjusting the focal distance. By rotating the buttons, proper focal distance can be realized.

Is the product suitable for near-sighted users? Is it harmful for eyes?

If the myopia degree of user is under 600, naked-eye viewing is available by rotating the adjustment buttons on both sides.
In order to protect the eyesight, please don’t watch the videos for long time. Long-time watching may cause uncomfortable feelings like dizziness. 

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