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  • STEP 1: Find an item.

    Enter keywords into the search box, for example: VOX VR

    STEP 2: Choose the listing.

    Choose the model you are interested in, the Vox+ Z3 or the Vox+ Gear Plus

    STEP 3: Buy it online

    You can get $10 usd off when you visit the Z3 page and Gear Plus page, click the button of Get Amazon 10$ OFF, and then click the country to get the code. Enter a promotional code at the checkout, click the continue and finished the payment.

    STEP 4: Track and Receive Your Goods.

  • STEP 1: Enquiry

    Please Contact Us , give us your need items & Qty.

    STEP 2: Quotation

    When get your enquiry, our sales will quote with the shipping charges for you soon.

    STEP 3: Confirming Details

    When get your enquiry, our sales will quote with the shipping charges for you soon.

    If less than 45KGs, take Express, such as: DHL, FedEx, EMS etc, it's door to door service.
    If more than 45KGs, take AIR Cargo, it's airport to airport service.
    We also accept to arrange the shipment by yourself.

    STEP 4: Proforma invoice

    Our sales will send the proforma invoice with payment information for you, after get your shipping information.

    STEP 5: Payment

    Once paid, please inform us. Our sales will process your order & prepare the goods for you in advance. When your payment arrives, we will arrange the shipment for you immediately.

    STEP 6: Shipment

    We will update the Tracking Number, AWB or B/L for you accordingly at the first time.

    STEP 7: Delivery Confirmation

    When get the goods, please confirm the receipt to our sales.

  • You can choose a variety of ways to communicate with us.


    +86-754-85517333 (China)
    +1-516-387-2640 (USA)
    HK and US based, neither voicemail nor recorded response - Get to speak to a real person now...

    Got a specific requirement or request? Email our team now and get a fast response.

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