Let Your Imagination Run Wild

With strong visual impact and impressive views, Gear Plus will take you to a different world of excitement, surprise and amazing enjoyment.

Start your adventure!

Customized to Fit

The roominess of Gear Plus allows you to adjust as necessary for a perfectly comfortable fit. No more double vision or light leaking with this groundbreaking technology.

65 mm

Click the green left and right arrows to simulate adjust the interpupillary distance

Live a Fantastic Visual Journey

Be in the moment with Gear Plus. A high quality display and wide field of view gives you vivid scenery and lifelike characters for virtual reality at its best.

Excellent Compatibility

Gear Plus matches all types of phones with a 4”-6” screen.

The incredible IPD, a 40 mm diameter aspheric lens,adjusts to meet your preferences in VR entertainment.

Broad Horizons

Enlarge the screen over five times using Japanese imported PMMA material. Choose an angle of up to 102 degrees, to seea breathtaking horizon. Step into an amazing world and a boundless universe.

Ultra-comfortable Design

A precise design, including headband weight distribution and use of superb materials results in the ultimate in comfort for a VR headset. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

  • Soft foam nose pad
  • Easily adjusted IPD

Special Protection

Your eyes are protected from the phone’s ray by multiple, anti-radiation lenses. Naked 3D viewing is extraordinary with Gear Plus.

vox vr gear+ plus

A Focus on Detail

Each component of Gear Plus goes through rigorous testing and countless trials to pass inspection, while evaluating durability, precision and safety.

vox vr gear+ plus light body

Incredibly lightweight – 9 oz.+

Advanced specs designed by our engineers make Gear Plus extremely lightweight. It makes our VR comfortable and weightless on your face.

Gear Plus

Get It and Experience the Difference!

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Can I use cellular data to stream and download content?

While it is possible to download and stream content with your a cellular data connection, it isstrongly recommended that you use a Wi-Fi network as some of the file sizes can be fairly large. 
You may be charged by your network provider for data services or any other third party charges as may arise while using certain features of the App and/or Licensed Content and you accept responsibility for such charges.

Which types of Bluetooth gamepad is compatible with Gear Plus?

Some games and applications may require a Bluetooth gamepad (controller).
Extra application is not included in Gear Plus, so Bluetooth gamepad is needed to be compatible with the APPs of the phone.
General Bluetooth gamepad is suggested.

Can I wear my glasses while using Gear Plus?

Glasses can be worn with the Gear Plus. The headset is designed to accommodate them but only for small-framed glasses.

Can I still use the Gear Plus without my prescription glasses?
The Focus Adjustment Wheel located on the top of the headset can be used to adjust the image for nearsighted individuals. Turn the wheel until the image becomes clear.
The Gear Plus should be adjusted for each individual user before starting a virtual reality experience. Failure to follow this instruction may increase the risk of discomfort.

Can I stand and walk with the Gear Plus on?

No, the Samsung Gear VR is designed for seated experiences.
Please use a chair with swivel functionality to enjoy 360-degree virtual reality content.

How do I stop the lenses in the Gear Plus from fogging up?

The lenses in the Gear Plus may fog when you start to use it due to the temperature difference between your face and the inside of the headset. If the headset is too tight on your face (not allowing air to circulate), this can also create fog.
The headset has an internal fan that helps prevent fog and keep your phone cool. Once the temperature normalizes inside of the headset, the lenses should no longer fog.

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