About us

With the speedy development of visual products, VOX+ was born with its marvelous items in the year of 2015. Visual reality is a space that people are detecting and great findings are exerting a peculiar fascination on a great many people. In this way, VOX+ under PBMI LLC was launched and drew a great attention from the public. The exploration in the visual world is started!

Being user-oriented is our principle, which we are strictly following from our invention stage to the bulk production process. Careful choice of every part of material, applying strict QC requirements and supportive logistics system allow our VOX+ to be completed perfectly. When VOX+ VR arrives at our clients, it will be the key to the fantastic new world, to the creative visual experience.

On the road to more successful circumstances, new concept of how-to-do is a must. We are keeping improving our technology and processed skills to realize the better and better VR ideas. We are looking forward to cooperation more partners, with our VOX+.

Being user-oriented, being cooperative, being detail concentrated, is our VOX+, our VR!